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War Samsung and Apple Begins in Australia

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Samsung filed a lawsuit against Apple for alleged patent infringement wireless.
Samsung has filed countercharges against Apple in the Court of Australia. The lawsuit filed because Apple accused of patent infringement over Samsung's wireless that is used in the iPhone and iPad

Quoted from page to Reuters, Samsung filed a lawsuit after delaying the launch of its Galaxy series tablets in Australia. Kangaroo country is now indeed become a global patent dispute between Samsung with Apple. 

Release issued by Samsung Electronics Australia says, Samsung claims a lawsuit filed in Federal Court of Australia, with registration in New South Wales, on September 16, 2011. 

Contents lawsuit claimed the seven patent infringement against Samsung wireless communications standards in Australia by the product Apple iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, and the iPad

Claims that Apple's patent also mentions use in a suit against related to
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is not appropriate and should be withdrawn by the court.

Behind Apple's previous
Samsung sued  against all patent in South Korea, Japan and Germany. However, a spokesman for Apple in Australia yet to respond. 

Samsung and Apple has a patent war smartphones and tablets since April. Apple is trying to anticipate the development of Android-based phone sales with a direct 'beat up' largest mobile phone manufacturer based Andoid, Samsung.  


Apple still controls the high-end mobile phone market with the iPhone. However, Apple has denied allegations of patent Samsung product and a product called Galaxy tracing the design and appearance of the iPhone. The current 'war' is still running at a court in the United States, as well as Europe, South Korea, and Australia. 

Apple won the lawsuit in Germany, earlier this month. German court banned Samsung sold 10.1 Tablet Galaxy country in Europe's biggest economy. Samsung's own appeal against the decision of German courts.

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