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Samsung Will Make Iphone 5 illegal in Europe

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This act is an act of retaliation for Apple who filed a lawsuit that Samsung products banned in Europe
The consequences of Apple's lawsuit against her former partner, Samsung is now getting worse. There is a possibility, it even Apple products that will come forbidden to circulate in the EU. 

One of the goals of the patent is the patent owner can get money from people who use their patents. However, it seems, this method has been modified it to turn off Apple's competition in the market.
The lawyers they managed to do its job in the European Union and the successful ouster of a number of products from competitors iPad outlets stores on the continent. Now, Samsung decided that they will resist using the same method as that used by Apple. 

South Korean manufacturer will use the patent rights they have and urgent ban on Apple products that use Samsung's tech components to circulate in Europe.
"When the iPhone 5 circulated in Europe, we plan to drag Apple to court for violating patents related to wireless technology owned by Samsung," said a Samsung executive, quoted by the Korea Times, 21 September 2011. 

This step, the spokesman said, is a response to legal action taken against the ranks of the Apple smartphone and touchscreen Samsung's
Galaxy tablet  most successful made into illegal trafficking in Europe by Apple for allegedly mimics the iPhone and iPad. 

According to analysts, Samsung, which is pretty straight so far in the competition in the market and legal channels, has decided to take the dirty action that's taken its competitors. After some time the news spread that they would seek to prevent Apple to bring iPhone 5 in Korea, now they want to ban the iPhone 5 become more widespread. 

The dispute between Apple and Samsung it self has become a spotlight on the industry. Because the patent should be used to get money from other people who utilize the technology or the patent owner, not used to protect the product from its competitors.

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