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iPad 3 is provided with more slim batteries

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The price is estimated that 20-30 percent more expensive.

We have discussed previously ipad Review Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Applications Latest 3G iPad PhoneitiPad and this timeApple is reportedly ready to start iPad 3, although 2 still dominate the market iPad tablet PC. But prices for iPad March 20 to 30 percent are expecting more expensive. The battery is lighter and thinner, with the quality and vitality, much better. 

News of this battery was first used by the Taiwan Economic News, which increased from two suppliers of battery components for the iPhone and iPad, Simplo Technology Co. citations. International Technology Corp. and Dynapoack.  

Batteries for iPad 3 is planned mass in the first quarter of next year produced.
Furthermore, the battery for iPad 3 also the standard IEEE 1625 CTIA will ensure better quality and more security. IEEE 1625 standard is a standard for product certification in the United States. Provider AT & T had to sell an electronic device that is not prohibited in accordance with IEEE standard 1625th 

Through the production of batteries for the iPad Simplo Dynapack succeeded in raising revenue and 10-15 percent in this quarter compared to the previous quarter. Then, through the production of batteries for iPad 3, the two companies are also expected to reach a new record in sales. 

Earlier, the Wall Street Journal writes about Apple ready to start iPad 3 in early 2012. The launch of this third iPad is a bit delayed from the previous plan, because the retinal display technology that will be installed on the screen iPad 3 is still not completely installed. 

Wall Street Journal report that said, IPAD suppliers are still doing a series of pilot production in October. Apple has also said, ordered the major components such as displays and chips have, so that the iPad ready to start in early 2012. 

IPad latest generation is expected to display high-definition 2048 x 1536 display, compared with a resolution of 1024 x 2 iPad 768th

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