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Ready Sues, Samsung Waiting Iphone 5 For Korea

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Iphone 5 rumored uses NAND flash memories and application processors (APs) Samsung.
Samsung and Apple

The current iPhone is a product that is still the ruler of the smartphone market and most sold. Apple was preparing to launch iPhone 5 to resume the power in the world smartphone market.

However, a number of legal cases are expected to inhibit the iPhone master the smartphone market. Moreover, a number of lawsuits have been filed Samsung who think Apple is violating patents owned by Samsung's wireless products are used on the iPhone and iPad.

Samsung has filed a lawsuit in Japan and Australia. In addition, there are at least 23 lawsuits are still pending in the Apple vs. Samsung conflict in several countries, including France, Germany and the United States.

Not only that, as quoted by the Korea Times, Samsung even waiting for the launch of the iPhone 5 in South Korea, to file a lawsuit against Apple in South Korea.

"Shortly after the arrival of the iPhone 5 here (Korea), Samsung plans to sue Apple to court for breach of Samsung's wireless technology," said one senior Samsung executives who refused to be named, told the Korea Times.

"As long as Apple does not want to drop its mobile telecommunications functions, they may not sell its product i without the use of our products have been patented. We will continue to fight against Apple's legal battles over the reverberations still audible," he explained.

iPhone 5 is now the target of Samsung's new, even before the market. Korea Times called the iPhone 5 using Liquid Cristal Display (LCD) production of LG, as well as NAND flash memories and application processors (APs) Samsung's production, which could be a gap.

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