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EVO 3D, The First 3D Android Phone

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Using two 5-megapixel camera in tow, this phone is capable of recording and displaying photos and movies 3D format. (
No need anymore to use the tools again to enjoy the display format 3 Dimensions. Now it look like you can get in the latest HTC smartphones over the EVO products 3D

Through two cameras in tow, mobile phones capable of recording and displaying images and 3D movies.
"In this product, we are more forward side than the specifics of experience," said Agus Sugiharto, Indonesia Country Manager of HTC in launching the product in Jakarta, 23 September 2011. 

Agus added, with the ease of getting a picture trends, today people tend to want a picture as the original. "The desire is accommodated in these devices," Agus claims. 

"Two 5-megapixel camera on the back represents the sharpness of the human eye, and dimension 3. While in front there is a 1.3 megapixel camera, "said Agus. "Thus, the picture is more real, like we can take," he added.

Agus said, users do not need to fear with still lack support device for printing images or 3D images. "Photo printing services as provided by Fuji Film for instance, is ready to print images 3D format," he said.
3D sensation does not stop at drawing pictures. When watching movies and streaming video, users can also enjoy the sensation. "With open eyes, now you can see a 3D movie," said Agus. 

According to Agus, the device is also very suitable for those who want to document the beautiful moments or for real estate agents, for example. "Segments of the target device is priced at the price of Rp5, 999 million are middle class, aged 25 and over," he said. 

For information, said Agus, 3D on devices like the trend has previously been successful in the United States. Then, how about in Indonesia given the differences in user characteristics? 

"Characteristics of users in the United States and Indonesia are different, but we want to try to continue the successful series of 3D in Indonesia," he said. "The facility also is much 3D as a lifestyle, because of different experiences or only present in video games," he admits. 

Even so, said Agus, said that his party wanted to convey the message that they try to always update to the latest innovations. For information, for the Asian market, HTC's new 3D EVO launched in Singapore and Indonesia.

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