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Review Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

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widdih,,, 1200 units sold in one day! That achievement is inscribed Samsung as Saturday (July 2, 2011) yesterday released the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pacific Place, Jakarta.

Even more amazing, there are people who are willing to sleep at Pacific Place last night to become the first owners of Samsung's latest tablet is.we can probe deeper into the ability of these products include:

  • Size
Samsung really swift GT 10.1 is working on the design. Because the Samsung GT 1.10 actually been exhibited at the Mobile World Congress since last February. But when the iPad 2 appeared a month later with supertipis design, the Samsung GT directly redesigning 10.1 is to be able to compete with the design of the iPad 2.

Cespleng direct result. If lined up, the GT 01/10 capable of competing with the iPad in the matter of thinness. Even the official specs show 10.1 GT 0.2mm thinner than the iPad 2, much less than its competitors in the segment Android tablet, such as Acer and Asus Iconia Transformer.

Another impression when tested GT 10.1 is the design that feels wide. This is due to screen size of 10.1 inches has a 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen alias. The weight of the device itself is about 565 grams, or lighter than the iPad 2. The weight that makes the GT feels comfortable 10.1-held, including when we read it while sleeping. The width of this device because it seems to also affect the weight distribution was more spread out in 10.1 is SGT.

Poor Connector

After the scour all parts of his body, we were stunned to see that there is at least the connector 10.1 is SGT.There are only two connectors are available: one for docking, one for audio-out. There is no memory slot to add storage capacity or the USB port as provided Asus Transformer. There is not even an HDMI connector which is actually a standard facility Nvidia Tegra processor 2 which used this tablet. The absence of all the connectors are somewhat disappointing because it reduces the ability of these tablets.

On its website, providing Samsung Bluetooth-based keyboard as a complementary facility 10.1 is SGT. But from our observations, it is unclear whether there is a memory slot or USB keyboard. If it does not exist, the lack of flexibility will be the biggest shortage SGT 10.1.

  • Software and Interfaces
    SGT Tablet 10.1 is already using the Android version 3.1-the latest version is touted to solve various problems in version 3.0.
    In terms of interface, the main screen of the tablet is filled with large-sized widgets, which reminds us a little more with Windows Phone.

    The size of the widget itself can set the amount, which is one of the changes that Google did in Android 3.1.Other improvements promised by Google's Android 3.1 is on our side and responsitivitas enough to feel it. Screen and the menu feels smooth flowing SGT 10.1, as well as when running an application.We still have some obstacles, such as a momentary look like freeze-SGT 10.1 but overall a satisfying experience.
    • Preliminary Conclusions
    Currently we still dig deeper SGT 10.1, including the benchmark and calculate how long the device has remained in battery mode.But in general, our first impression when trying SGT 10.1 quite positive, especially in terms of the comfortable use (thanks to the thin and light design) as well as Android 3.1 that feels much more stable than previous versions. However, we were somewhat disappointed with the minimal number of connectors, which reduces the ability of this tablet as a whole.

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