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Choose One Between iphone 4s or Samsung Galaxy S II

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Choose One Between iphone 4s or  Samsung Galaxy S II
iphone 4s was launched with apple inc. The public also reponded well, can be seen from more than one mullion customers in seven countries that ordered the iphone 4s bid one the firs day (pre-sale).

To rival the iPhone 4S, Samsung and Google is also preparing the launch of Nexus Prime. But, the launch of the originally planned October 11 was postponed, as a sign of respect and sorrow for the death of the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs.

But, Samsung still has the Samsung Galaxy S II, which is still considered a class with the iPhone 4S. In fact, the Galaxy S II was crowned as the best phone of 2011 in the T3 Awards.

Samsung Galaxy S II into the "Phone of the Year" in the event that triggered by a British technology magazine T3, after beating the iPhone 4. In addition to T3, pages TechRadar technology is also called the Samsung Galaxy S II as the best phone, and beat the iPhone 4.

Then can the Samsung Galaxy S II stand as the best and beat the iPhone 4S. Here is a comparison, as quoted by Apple Insider:

Speed:Samsung Galaxy S II uses a Dual Core 1.5 or 1.2 GHz. But it seems slightly superior to the iPhone 4S A5 Dual Core processor Apple production.However, the iPhone 4S lost in the network, because it still uses 3G (HSPA 14.4). While the Galaxy S II uses a 4G network.

Specifications:iPhone 4S better in displays, the screen display and a resolution of 960x640 Retina, compared to Super AMOLED Plus screen and 800x480 resolution. But the screen size bigger Galaxy S II, which is 4.3 inch, 3.5 inch screen than the iPhone 4S.

For the camera, both of these phones both have 8MP. But the camera Galaxy S II is superior, that is 2MP, when compared to the iPhone 4S is only VGA. For any video, Galaxy S II has 1080p High Profile, compared to the iPhone 4S is only 1080p.

But Siri features of the iPhone is making excess iPhone 4S 4S, although still in beta. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S II also features voice activation Vlingo.

Usage:Galaxy S II has a lighter weight, only 4.3 ounces, compared to a 4.9-ounce iPhone 4S. But the dimensions of the iPhone 4 S innumerable smaller and thinner than Galaxy S II.For the battery, both phones are claimed to have the same durability, with a duration of 8 hours of talk time. But, the battery in the Galaxy S II can be removed and replaced, unlike the iPhone.

Content:For applications, clearly superior to Android IOS in terms of availability of many options download location, could be from the Android Market, the app-store or third parties (such as Samsung Apps). iPhone can only find the app in the AppStore. But keep in mind, AppStore app has more than 500,000.In addition to the app, Galaxy S II can also be used as a remote control for HD-TVs, especially those that are also manufactured by Samsung.

Other:For memory, the iPhone 4S has no external storage. Not only that, the price was adjusted with internal storage, the larger the storage, will be more expensive. To the cheapest 16GB, priced at U.S. $ 199, while the most expensive 64GB costs $ 399.

The Galaxy S II price range U.S. $ 199-229. Galaxy S II has 16GB of internal storage and external storage while allowing only up to 32GB.

To clarify the comparison, the following table:

the comparison of iphone 4s or  Samsung Galaxy S II

2 comments on Choose One Between iphone 4s or Samsung Galaxy S II :

Sell Old Electronics said... December 27, 2011 at 3:48 AM

Both are amazing phone, but I'm still with iPhone 4s despite it has issues with internet speed.

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