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3 Apple Products Fail

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Steve Jobs has just resigned as Chief Executive of Corporate (CEO) of Apple Inc. Throughout its history, not always the products they produce could very well received by the market - such as those currently engulfing the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. There are at least seven products failed ever made Apple when Steve Jobs still work there:

Apple III (1981)
Substitute for the very popular Apple II focused on business users and of course price is also adjusted. Unfortunately, the hardware is unreliable. Apple then compete in the business market with the IBM PC was launched in the same year, and also a compatible PC market is growing very rapidly.

Lisa (1983)
The first commercial computer produced with a graphical user interface is marketed at a price of U.S. $ 9,995 when it launches. As soon as a cheaper Macintosh was launched a year later, Lisa loss enthusiasts.

Next Computer (1989)
This is the work of Steve Jobs after being forced out of Apple. Computers are very sophisticated in his time. But just like the Apple III and Lisa, he was too expensive to be owned by mainstream users.

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