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A Weakness Apple Iphone 4s is a Video

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A Weakness Apple Iphone 4s is a Video
Apple iphone 4s bring the sound technology identifiers, siri, as amainstay in the latest iphone, iphone 4s. Not only can identify the sound. Siri can be utilized as a personal secretary can be interactions with users.

For example, users can ask iPhone 4S Siri, what the weather today. Siri was then replied, also by voice. However, Siri has a weakness: the identification of new Siri could only recognize the words in the English language.

Not only that, even Siri could not recognize the English language spoken in other accents. For example, in Japanese.

Japanese accent is clearly different with a British accent or the United States. Many who understand that in a Japanese accent, it is difficult for foreigners who heard it to distinguish words that have the letter "L" or "R" in it.

Therefore, Siri was difficult to distinguish between the "Walk" or "Work" is pronounced in Japanese accent. Despite trying many times, still Siri could not identify the words "Work" is pronounced in Japanese accent, as seen in a video uploaded on YouTube this.

Like what? See the video link at A Weakness Apple Iphone 4s is a Video

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