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HTC, Samsung Aims Owned Operating System HP?

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HTC, samsung os hp
Google, Owner of the Android operating sistem has acquired a division of motorola's Smartphone makers, these step threaten other smartphone manufactures that become partner with Google as HTC and Samsung.

From the latest news, HTC seems to have a big enough and confident enough to begin to challenge something that makes them successful, namely the Android operating system. Now, the Taiwanese company owner popular products like the Android G1, Evo, and the Thunderbolt was considering to buy the operating system.

Quoted from TG Daily, 13 September 2011, the statement expressed directly by Cher Wang, chairwoman of HTC on a local media, Focus Taiwan. However, Wang said the current plan was just an idea, there has been no concrete steps are done.

According to observers, HTC is not interested in making the operating system from scratch, and this is the reason why buying webOS platform which is now owned by HP to be an exciting step.Wang himself confirmed that the acquisition webOS is one way that companies are being considered. "We're thinking about it and discuss it internally, but we will not rush to decide," he said.

As is known, HTC Android smartphone using Android operating system that has been modified, ie, using an interface 'Sense' is typical of their products. Operating system that makes the HTC phone has the look and taste different. But that is not enough.

Back to webOS operating system, HTC seems not the only interested parties. Samsung also reportedly interested in buying it from HP's operating system. However, whether the two companies were truly interested will buy it, until now there has been clear.

There is a possibility, HTC and Samsung are looking for new alternatives outside of the smartphone market and was eyeing a third-party operating system for tablet or netbook. Whatever their plans, analysts said, the situation is not favorable for Android.

There is a possibility, HTC and Samsung are looking for new alternatives outside of the smartphone market.

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