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Top 10 Mobile Phone News Stories of the Week

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Top 10 Mobile Phone News - ZayTechno
Enjoy our roundup of 10 mobile phone related news stories you may have missed this week including a Windows Phone 7 jailbreak, two hidden iOS 5 features and Everything Everywhere’s plans for a £450 million windfall.

1. Jailbreak Your Windows Phone 7!

Jailbreaking, rooting, or whatever you want to call it, has come to Windows Phone 7, but at a price. The team at ChevronWP7 has been working on a Microsoft sanctioned way to unlock your Windows Phone handset so you can load your own apps not signed by Microsoft, and now which it’s complete, it’s yours for $9 or £6. It’s relatively pain-free to try out too, as it won’t void your warranty!

2. Everything Everywhere’s Spectrum Sale to Benefit Network

Following the order to sell some of their 1800MHz spectrum after Orange and T-Mobile merged, Everything Everywhere has issued a statement saying they’ll re-invest the proceeds from the sale in the existing network, in order to ‘benefit our customers across the country’. The total amount is expected to be in the region of £450 million and the work could involve improved 2G and 3G connectivity, plus more network coverage.

3. Behind the Scenes using the Nokia Lumia 800

The Lumia 800 is Nokia’s most exciting phone release for sometime, and if you’re interested in the work that went into making it a reality in just six months, then this video documentary is for you. Running for eight minutes, many of the Nokia personnel behind the project talk about their role in making the phone, and it’s a fascinating watch.

4. iOS 5 Has a Hidden Panorama Photo Mode

Panoramic photos are just one of the new features inside Android Ice Cream Sandwich, but the feature also exists inside Apple’s iOS 5 – except it hasn’t already been enabled yet. Those with developer access to the device can add some code and get the function working, or if you’ve jailbroken your phone, Cydia will activate it for you.

5. Spotify Comes to WP7

Microsoft is slowly but surely adding the big name apps to their Windows Marketplace, as popular streaming music service Spotify proves with the launch of their official app for WP7. Music can be streamed over 3G or Wi-Fi provided you pay the £9. 99 per month subscription fee, but the app itself is free to download.

6. Another iOS 5 Hidden Feature…

The panoramic photo mode isn’t the only real feature not yet enabled in iOS 5, as an Android/WP7-like text correction bar over the keyboard also exists. Once again, there is a way to activate it should you feel the need, but the iPhone’s autocorrect is so accurate, we’d be surprised if many felt the need.

7. Nokia GEM Concept is All About the Touch

Take a look at this new video from Nokia which demonstrates the GEM concept phone. The futuristic phone’s entire chassis is a touch interface, meaning it doesn’t really have a screen, as the whole phone is a screen. The tech demonstrated in the video is actually cool, and although it’s a long way from becoming reality, it’s still exciting to see what the future may hold.

8. Jawbone Up Hits UK on 17 November

Jawbone is best known for their stylish Bluetooth headsets, however they’re about to release the Up, a wristband that syncs with an iPhone app to track your life, from physical activities such as walking, jogging or cycling, to your eating habits and your sleep patterns. Rather cleverly, it’ll even wake you when you’ve had just the right amount of sleep too. The Jawbone Up will cost £79 and is out on seventeen November.

9. N9′s MeeGo Updated

If you own a Nokia N9, then you won’t feel left out after all this talk of Ice Cream Sandwiches and iOS 5, as your own firmware update is now available. PR1. 1 is yours when you tap the update button and it adds some gesture controls, filters for the camera, the Swype keyboard and lock screen music controls.

10. World Continues to Go iPhone 4S Mad

The iPhone 4S has been out in some countries for almost a month now, while others are just about to see it launched. One such country is Hong Kong, in which the pre-orders lasted for an astonishing 10 minutes before they sold out! Hong Kong was joined by 14 other countries, including New Zealand, Malta, Greece and Portugal, all of whom will get the iPhone 4S on 11 November.

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