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Better Productivity Along with your Blackberry

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Better With Blackberry - ZayTechno
Mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful, and the overall outcome is an increase in business productivity. People are working harder and longer days, but are they accomplishing more? We are caught in a constant cycle of switching tasks- switching from sites to email to documents, over and over again. Feeling busy but feeling like we’re not accomplishing anything which leads to fatigue and frustration on the job and in our personal lives. Lifehacking and professional productivity is all the rage these days with lots of tips and information, but most aren’t even applicable to you, so is it really that productive? Analysts are predicting that smartphones are becoming the most important computing device for employees; according to them smartphones will double their share of the cell phone market by 2013. So, what can we do now to improve the effectiveness in our day to day lives?

The key to better productivity and efficiency is the right smartphone. One which is up to date, works quickly and can be easily navigated. I personally prefer the Blackberry, and if you own one too, you are already aware of the busying effect it has on our lives both personally and professionally. Busy doesn’t always mean productive but in a recent study employees are shown to be 38% more efficient at completing a task when using a Blackberry.

The following are shortcuts to increase your productivity while using your Blackberry for better productivity:

  • To access phone numbers more easily, press ALT then type the letters of the person you are calling instead of the often forgotten number.
  • To select text on a page, just press the SHIFT key and scroll up or down.
  • To scroll faster, the SPACEBAR will automatically scroll down but to scroll up you need to shift and the SPACEBAR at the same time.
  • Some web sites are slow, so if you want to stop a web page from loading just press ESCAPE.
  • Some smartphones require you to reboot by taking the battery out, with the Blackberry it’s not necessary. All you need to do is press ALT, CAPS and DELETE at the same time to reboot.
  • To file emails, just press ‘I’
  • To select multiple emails, hold down the ‘O’ button and use the thumbwheel to select.
  • To compose a new message when checking your email, press ‘C’.

Better Blackberry App productivity:

When it comes to your Blackberry and apps, get your apps from Google for Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). It’s a real productivity booster because you can get 60 second push, send and deliver.

  • Rearrange your apps by most used. Hold down the ALT key when clicking on an app, this will allow a pull down menu to appear and you can select in what order to put the application.

To improve voicemail productivity:

  • Assign a speed dial ‘hot key’ to your voicemail call-in number in your Blackberry address book.
  • Forward all voicemail to one location.
  • Set up your voicemail to alert you if you get a priority message.

These are the best Blackberry productivity tips that i use regularly. Don’t forget to take a little time to get to know your Blackberry and all it has to offer. You may find that you have a bit more time in the day to spend on other things like making dinner, taking the kids to the park, or even have a spa day, now wouldn’t that be nice.

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