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Apple company Confirms Bugs in iOS5

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Bugs in iOS5

After an influx consumer reports claiming how the iOS5 is sucking the life from iPhones faster than usual, Apple company has officially acknowledged that a number of bugs affect the battery existence of its latest mobile operating system.
In a statement released to tech blog Everything D, Apple said it would “release a software update to deal with those [bugs] in a couple weeks. ”

Complaints poured in online forums in recent days about how exactly the iPhone 4S, as nicely as other Apple devices up-to-date with iOS5, is consuming lots of battery power mainly due in order to its power-demanding location services, that require constant pings to server. Regardless of the acknowledgement, Apple has so much released the iOS 5. 0. 1 Beta, that supposed fixes the bugs, in order to developers. We may have to hold back for days, or even weeks prior to the update would land in the hands.

While Apple has been mum so far about the issues, its support forums happen to be filled with postings on the problem. And, although Apple is not offering any suggestions about what customers should do before software update is released, those same forums contain various potential fixes that might help.

Some customers have found a few success by limiting notifications and by turning off an element that automatically adjusts to brand new time zones. Despite the electric battery issues, the iPhone 4S is a huge seller, with Sprint as well as AT&T setting records for preliminary sales.

In the meantime, consider bringing your charger all the time.

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