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Compare Camera Blackberry Torch VS iPhone 4

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Blackberry Torch Camera test - ZayTechno
When people think of a blackberry words that often get mentioned include professional, business, organised, smart. The blackberry has an image of been the professional businessman’s phone, a phone that is highly efficient and aids you with your work, almost like a handheld pc and diary. Things that don’t instantly come to mind would be entertainment and leisure, people who want a good camera or multimedia options have usually opted for an iphone or one of Nokia’s handsets. It is for this reason that many believe that when looking for a decent camera phone that the blackberry is just is not an option. This view is somewhat of a myth though as blackberry have really put a lot of effort and time into the new handsets cameras rewards for their hard work are there for all to see.

In the past it has been quite obvious that, although Research in Motion have always made sure that the cameras on their Blackberry phones are adequate for casual usage, the media functions of the phone, including the camera, have not been the company’s priority when creating their smart phones. With the release of the Blackberry torch however, this seems to have changed somewhat. The RIM spokespeople, when releasing the Torch, boasted that their new phone was the “most fun Blackberry ever” and although the business features on the new Blackberry are still extremely impressive, it is also clear that the Torch’s developers have also kept the idea, that a phone should also be for entertainment, firmly in mind. The camera on the latest Blackberry phone seemingly does not disappoint in this aspect.

Camera test Bb Torch Vs iPhone 4
With competition from the impressive iPhone4 camera, RIM have had to pull out all of the stops on this camera. In terms of the camera’s specs it is very similar to Apple’s offer. The camera boasts Autofocus, a 5-megapixel sensor and an LED flash keeping up with the market in this area. There are 11 different focus settings with the “auto” setting being the standard and the phone also has settings for as wide ranging scenarios as close up shots and snowy environments
There are problems with the camera as many have highlighted its lack of an interactive focus. Due to its constant focusing, the Blackberry torch can feel like a fixed focus camera (though it isn’t) and as, unlike the iPhone, you cannot select an object to focus on you have to wait for the camera to focus itself before you press the shutter or you may end up with an annoyingly blurry shot.

RIM BB Torch 9800 Camera test Out Dor
One thing the Torch has going for it however is its simplicity to use. If you are not interested in photography as an art form and simply wish to capture your happier moments with a couple of quick snaps then the Blackberry torch is perfect. Simply select the “auto” focus setting and click away!

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Fredrick Russell said... July 2, 2012 at 5:49 PM

Great post. Read entire blog and come to conclusion that both Phones are fine in-terms of camera. Now It's Our decision that What purpose would we like to buy The phone? Thanks for your informative and useful post.

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