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Latest Mobile Phones Nokia N9 l Began Marketed

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Mentioned, there are 24 countries included in the list. But there is no clear information which countries will immediately get the first generation N9. (
Latest Mobile Phones Nokia N9 began marketed, The biggest mobile phone manufacturer, Nokia, began to send their latest products, N9, to foreign countries. Utilizing an open platform MeeGo, N9 features a navigation and voice-guided map. For storage media, smartphones with touch screen swipe feature to return to the main menu is available in capacities from 16 to 64GB. 

Quoted from PCMag, 28 September 2011, the product was marketed in a price range starting from U.S. $ 560 for the 16GB version and $ 650 for the 64GB version. 

Nokia N9 is equipped with a 3.9-inch AMOLED screen made of glass antigores. 8MP autofocus camera which can record HD video, the chip near-field communication (NFC) is also available on mobile phones which only have a button on it's side. 

Nevertheless, it is unclear which countries would immediately get the first generation N9 and when present in the market. Mentioned, Nokia will only let users from 24 countries only when the product began to be purchased. From the list that made Nokia, the United States, Britain, Japan, and India does not enter into it. 

As is known, after the N9, Nokia said that they would use the Windows operating system Phone as their primary platform. This step was taken in the hope that they are able to gain momentum to compete with their heavy competitors like Apple and RIM.

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