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Thrilled With My Buy - Cell Phone Dashboard Mount Critique

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The vent mount worked perfectly in my Honda Odyssey. My iPhone fit perfectly.

I've contemplated switching to the window mount, but honestly, the vent mount suffices to stay out of my field of view and within reach if I need to adjust GPS without pulling the phone off the window. The cushions on the feet and arms are starting to show signs of continued compression, but I'm not particularly concerned yet.

I had to cut a small plastic wedge to keep my vent from changing directions but this is minor and not the fault of the Arkon mount at all. I picked this up based up recommendations from other reviewers who said it would work with the Droid X - it absolutely does. Even with bumper and cases on it. I can see this working for many other devices too.

For example, the supporting legs that the phone rest on can be adjusted or removed by sliding them, as well as moved to the track on the other end of the unit (essentially turning it upside down) which gave better clearance for the volume button on my phone. Additionally, I had to remove the supporting foot of the vent clamp (by squeezing it) and flip it around so it had a better stance on the edge of the vent.

The holster part holds the phone great given the rubberized product. The window mount is strong and has not fallen off yet. I'd give it more stars if the "clip" construction was better quality. I purchased this mount for my iPhone before a trip and was very pleased with it.

I needed something for my iPod classic that would be able to keep it still in the car. Like other reviewers have said, the mount has a lot of lateral movement when clipped in to the vent of my Mazda3, but I think some thin foam rubber wrapped around the louver of the vent to give it more bulk and grip will resolve that easily so I'm going to pick some up from the craft store and try that. I'm also going to try mounting it very low on my windshield (rather than up by the mirror where it was very intrusive) using the suction cup to see which I prefer.

I remedied this by adjusting the joint so that the phone is already as far down as it can go and aimed at me. Doing that limits the places I can aim the phone, but I don't typically adjust it while driving so it's not that big of a deal. My car has some has some aftermarket add-ons that unfortunately make the car vibrate like crazy at 3k RPM, and this cheap looking arm stuck to the window just sits there, vibrating with the car merrily away. Never drooping down, or sagging. It's still not perfect, but it's a very secure mount and worth $15 any day. Original review: When I received the mount, I was quite pleased. When you place the phone in the holder you need to compress the side holders till they lock. The side holders need to be released with what seems to be a spring loaded mechanism by depressing the button you see on the left side of the holder when you want to take the phone out.

It works great for her. I liked it so much I ordered another for me. In the package I received the windshield mount, vent mount, sticky pad to use the windshield mount on the dash, as well as an alcohol prep pad to clean the area for the sticky mount. It was very easy to set up, and the windshield mount can be adjusted into all kinds of positions.

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