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Blackberry Bold 9780 - Just How Do You Know If It Is Right For Your Needs

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Blackberry Bold 9780
For a smart phone, some are worth your attention such as the Bold 9780. While there are many competing brands, Blackberries have become famous for their ability to keep users in touch, both by phone and via the internet. The Bold 9780 is an upgrade over the previous model with expanded and new functions. Here is our take on the Bold 9780 and what it could mean for you.

The Blackberry Bold 9780 comes with the Blackberry OS 6 installed, and one advantage of this operating system is the Social Feeds application. The benefit to you will be the ability to quickly locate any login info for any social site since the 9780 will store them in one app. So if you like roaming around and talking to your friends online, you can post info to them by simply logging in quickly from your phone. This will be just like being at home because anything they say to you will be clearly visible. The ability to post and read updates across any social network is part of the fun for everyone. The Bold 9780 is ergonomic and attractive, plus the layout is easy on the eyes and fingers. If you are a heavy text message user, then you will find the keyboard functions quite agreeable, we believe. The phone is quite light and fits easily into your pocket or on a holster if you prefer to wear it. It is extremely typical of end users to prefer some variety with the design of their phones. There are many people who swear by the overall look and feel of an Android or other type of smart phone. Yet we can say that the design of the Bold 9780 lives up to its name.

Whiteberry Bold 9780
Worldwide ability to make calls via the 3G network makes the Blackberry Bold 9780 exciting to use. You can stay in touch with friends, family members and business contacts via e-mail, messaging and Wi-Fi calling, depending on your location, of course. Naturally, it is the 3G network that we can thank for all of this communications ability with our friends and family.

With a Blackberry 9780 smart phone, you have the ability to connect with people throughout the world on powerful 3G networks. WiFi is great, and it is what gives you this ability to communicate in whatever medium you care to use. Technology is awesome with the 3G network by T-Mobile, and that is what makes this all happen.

You will, however, find some consumers who are disappointed with the 9780 only because there are so many similarities with the older 9700 model. On the contrary, though, because the 9780 is sufficiently upgraded to effectively nullify such accusations. If you love taking pictures, then you will immediately notice the 9780 has a much better picture taking facility. What you can expect in the Bold 9780 is more RAM which is always a good thing. In the area concerning power, a more robust battery with greater storage capacity means you will have longer operations. That being said, the 9780 is not exactly a huge evolutionary leap beyond the 9700. The features available on the Blackberry Bold 9780 make it a shoe in for the best smartphone on the market that everyone needs. Almost like a miniature computer, this phone allows you to check your e-mail, surf the Internet, and take pictures that can be uploaded in seconds. The Blackberry 9780 is a must have smartphone with many more features than could be listed in this short article so find out more about it right now.

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