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Cannot Beat It For The Price - Phone Bike Mount Review

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Works well with my Droid X. No problem having the power plugged in and the audio jack used at the same time.

I am not really sure how long the tightening mechanism for the swivel joint will last but it works really well now. The design of this mount also protrudes far enough from the vent that it does not block the air flow as much as other mounts that I have seen, which is a bonus also. It's a little tricky to tighten the ball joint. It can be difficult to attach to a vent.

Another review stated that it 'just worked' with the Incredible. I have NO idea what that means because it will hold this phone and much larger as well. Overall this is a really great product for the price. The product does everything it advertises for the price that fits.

I have found that the piece that sticks in your AC Vents is useless in my car, but the windshield mount works great just like a GPS would. I love it because it opens wide enough to fit my Thunderbolt with the Otterbox case on it. I use this product to hold my HTC Incredible to my vent mount while I use it as a GPS and Music Player (via FM Transmitter). Arms holds the Phone snugly so it will not move or fall out, the location of the charging cable and headphone jack are not interfered with by the mount.

The best kind of warranty is the one you never need to use. I wanted something she could put her phone in and not be holding it. Other than that, it's awesome. I was pretty happy with this mount. This dashboard phone holder worked just like I wanted it to. The adjustable grip is perfect for the Droid Incredible.

The suction is great and holds the device very well. If you decide to use the vent mount though - you will be disappointed. Both are good and can handle almost any device. The only thing that worries me is the release mechanism on the holder.

I also like that it matches the black interior of my Prius really well and doesn't look tacky or out-of-place. The vent setup only works marginally, but this is to be expected as this is a generic kit and vents in different cars are quite different.

I use this mount daily for my HTC Evo 4G, a very heavy phone, and it works perfectly. I bought the Exomount at the same time, and this beats it on just about every level.

So that makes it useless for ANY of the purposes for which it is sold. I am close to giving up on any vent mount due to all the problems they have.

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By Angel Adams

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