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Mobile Phone With Large Buttons: Who Needs Them And Why?

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Nowadays as gadgets are becoming smaller and smarter, there is no place for a bulky keypad on a mobile phone. So, if you see a mobile phone with large buttons on display, you may wonder who buys such phones. Well, you may not know, but these mobiles are usually designed for aged people.

Well, in this age of fast evolving technology we tend to forget about the old people. They need phones too, so why not give them handsets that they will be able to use unlike the complicated ones. Certain cell phone manufactures have studied the growing demand of simple phones for the elderly people, who in turn make a potential consumer market.

You will agree that operating modern day mobiles requires you to be quite nimble with your fingers. These devices require advanced hand-eye coordination. But elderly people tend not to possess such physical dexterity and mental coordination skills. This is why they fumble with small buttons on regular mobile phones and often end up dialing the wrong number.

This is the first reason why a mobile phone with large buttons set up separately (not as an integrated keypad) is what an aged person needs.

The second reason is that with age, eyesight tends to weaken. So, old people may find it difficult to make out the small buttons on ordinary mobile phones. However, if a mobile has large buttons, chances are that they will be able to see it properly.

Large buttons will also mean that numbers and letters printed on the button will be able to use a larger font than usual and thus be easily visible. The keyboard must also be backlit to improve visibility.

It can be of more help if the numbers on the keyboard are embossed. This helps people with very weak vision to figure out numbers just by touching the keypad. Therefore, simple features like these help the aged to understand and use there phones properly.

So to conclude, senior mobile phones are a blessing not only to the aged but also for anyone who have impaired sense of hearing or vision or both.

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By Martin Elmer

2 comments on Mobile Phone With Large Buttons: Who Needs Them And Why? :

Sell Used Cell Phones said... January 14, 2012 at 2:19 AM

Interesting insights. I think that phones with big or bulky buttons is not that bad, especially if it fits your need.

Jack said... January 20, 2012 at 2:59 PM

My gran was very reluctant to use a mobile phone at first, we bought her the SVC tracfone which is really easy for her to use, and I can check up on her regularly, it makes both our lives much easier.

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