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Doro 334gsm Useful For Emergencies

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Doro 334gsm Useful For Emergencies
At first look the Doro 334gsm will make you wonder whether you are caught up in a time warp. Because this phone resembles either an archaic attempt at mobile telephony or some super-advanced gadget from the very distant future that hides a lot under the veil of simplicity.

After a certain age it becomes difficult to keep fit and healthy. Problems like weak vision, hearing issues, body weakness and other problems crawl in. With such health condition a cell phone becomes a must and at the same time difficult to use. So to solve this problem effectively, Doro has introduced 334gsm which makes phone usage as easy as breathing.

Doro 334gsm has four memory buttons, marked with alphabets from A-D and arranged in a vertical order. One can program a particular number to each of the keys. There is a blank space on the right side of the buttons, where there is a plastic pocket. You can note on a black page which key have you assigned to who and put the note in the plastic pocket for easy reference.

The four memory keys can be preset to four different numbers. There is a transparent plastic pocket with small blank pages adjacent to the memory keys. Here you can jot down the names of the people each button has been assigned to. For example, if key 'A' has been set to one of your friend's number; one press on 'A' and the handset will automatically dial your friend.

The SOS button is usually stipulated to 112; it is basically an emergency key. There is another emergency button at the back of the phone. This key does a number of functions simultaneously. One press on the button and it will instantly send an emergency text to a pre-programmed phone number, initiate an alarm, it will call all the numbers based on priority till someone answers.

Up to five numbers can be programmed for access by this key. To activate an emergency contact sequence, the button has to be pressed for three seconds or tapped twice in succession. This will initiate calls and the sending of preset text messages to those 5 numbers, one by one.

But yes, composing messages and dialing any number other than the ones already saved in the phone is not possible.

Therefore, it is quite clear with the features the handset offers that Doro 334gsm is perfect for times of emergency.

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By Martin Elmer


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