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Senior Mobile Phones For Dummies

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You may be happy that phones are getting smarter and more feature-packed every day, but they are also becoming more and more complicated. And while it may not be much of a bother for you, spare a thought about the elderly population, who need senior mobile phones, now more than ever.

It is often seen that the senior citizens get lost in the several levels of menu of the new-age phones; for which, such phones are difficult for them to handle. It is important for them to know how to use the phones properly; so that they can call for help in times of emergency and also keep in touch with family and friends in general.

Thankfully some mobile phone manufacturers have identified this need and have chosen to make phones specifically for this neglected demographic. These phones include basic features only, that is the ability to make and receive calls, save numbers and type text messages.

Some phones may also have extra features like alarm clock, calendar, reminder and built-in flashlight. These phones are not feature-packed and are extremely user friendly; ideal for the senior citizen.

Due to several heath issues that set-in because of age, it's not easy for aged people to operate devices that call for ability to hear well, good vision, proper hand and eye co-ordination and agile fingers.

What seniors need is the simple ability to talk to their loved ones whenever they want. The louder than usual speakers of these specially designed mobile phones allows them just that.

Some phones also have a special emergency button, which can be preprogrammed with one number which the elderly person can reach with the push if that button, in times of emergency.

So, if you are wondering what to buy for your grand-parents this Christmas; get them a senior mobile phone and be just a call away for them.

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By Martin Elmer

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