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A Bit Overpriced - Cell Phone Windshield Mount Critique

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It hasn't fallen off since. It sits very prominent from the vent, but it just makes it closer to my fingertips. I agree with others that you will have to 'baby' the spring mounted sides that attach to your device to avoid breaking them. Since this was part of a "free shipping package" it's probably not worth returning.

This product earns my 4 stars as I rarely give out 5 stars unless it's way above my expectations. This product offers a good balance of quality, style and price.

The phone doesn't move too much if any while going down the road. And it's not a bad price. It serves its purpose for purchasing it, and I am happy I got it. I like how it came with multiple mounting options since I wasn't sure if all of them would work.

The vent mount is the only relatively weak point in this product. The clips seem flimsy (but haven't broken yet) and the whole mount is hard to keep steady (I guess that's what you get for it being universal).

When you place the phone in the holder you need to compress the side holders till they lock. The side holders need to be released with what seems to be a spring loaded mechanism by depressing the button you see on the left side of the holder when you want to take the phone out. Solid mounting and the "jaws" clamp down nicely on the phone holding it solidly. I tested it by navigating to the local grocery. I emailed the company and was promised a prompt replacement. After not receiving it (after 3 weeks), I tried to contact the individual who promised the replacement, and never received a reply. I tried many other mounts but was not happy with them. Many others have a flexible arm that bounces when driving. It attached to the windshield really well. It adjusted to where I wanted it to go and locked down tight on all adjustments. No problems with the charger adapter which goes into the bottom of my Nexus One. The vent mount is the only weakness in the product as the two provided clips, which are adjustable laterally to fit most vents, are not tight enough to hold the mount stationary.

It works great for me now; however I am a bit worried if this will last. It would be better if this was mechanical with some sort of manual tightening mechanism instead of being spring loaded. If you have this, more power to you. If you don't, and you just want to use the phone without adding Bluetooth to your car, it's not going to work for you.

The suction cup is a very good design that holds well. This unit hugs my phone with its built-in cushions in a very stable position.

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