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Give It Time - Cell Phone Bike Mount Review

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This fit perfectly in my car the dock stays perfectly connected too my dashboard and windshield and it moves around so I can turn my iPhone in any direction. It is especially good for you to use it as a GPS holder.

Amazon promptly sent another one out, and it arrived within 24 hours. I am very happy with this product. Also if I decide to change phones I do not have to buy a new mount. I just can't charge it because the clamps cover the outlet.

I have used the product for a month now. Both the windshield and dashboard mount work exactly as they should, securely holding my phone (HTC Incredible) for navigation and multimedia purposes. Doesn't vibrate or drop the phone or fall off. Haven't tried the dash mount yet but with it working so well in the vent I doubt I will.

The vent mount worked perfectly in my Honda Odyssey. My iPhone fit perfectly. He is on the road a lot and I want his hands on the steering wheel, not his phone! Exactly what I was looking for!

But I have gotten it to work well enough. I used this on a vacation trip to hold my Samsung Vibrant and use it as a GPS navigation device. The windshield mount is excellent; it holds tight to the windshield or any other smooth, flat surface, and is a huge improvement over the original mount that came with my Tom Tom. The vent mount is OK. Really gives you tons of options how to mount: suction cup to windshield, suction to mount that they provide (can be stuck anywhere on your dash), and mounted to the air-vent with clamps. At first I tried the air vents but it didn't seem to be the sturdiest (and frankly was in the way of my turn signal.

I am not sure if mine was just defective, but unfortunately, the product can only be returned within the first 30 days, so I will not have a chance to try out another one. I would not waste your money on this product. I use the window mount and I have no problem. I chose this product because it was inexpensive.

I bought this after checking out the positive reviews from other purchasers. I'm happy to report that the smartphone mount lived up to the hype.

You can't pull it off unless you release the lever. I never used the dashboard mount because I don't have the real estate on my dashboard to place it.

A quick and easy solution was to add a small piece of rubber tubing to each plastic clip. The vent mount is now rock solid, like the windshield mount.

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