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This Is Working Amazingly Nicely - Phone Car Mount Critique

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Going through bumpy roads, the mount starts rattling loudly, which is also annoying. Other than that, it is a good product that helps me focus on the road.

It's a pleasure to have in the car. One note about my review: I've only used the windshield mount, never the dashboard nor the vent mount.

It comes off the windshield reasonably easy. I don't know much about any warranty. I like the possibility of having a phone mount on my vent b/c it keeps my line of sight clear, the phone closer to me, and keeps the phone cool. I have a Samsung galaxy and it fits great and I am able to charge at the same time.

The only thing I can't do when it is mounted is pull out the phone's keyboard and type while driving. But only a lunatic would try to do that anyway. For me, it's not a big issue. Quality is at par with my expectations. I actually use this attached to my CD player section as I never use it. It works just as well as it did on the AC vent (I moved it because it gets way too hot here to only have one vent pointed at you and I felt bad using the passenger side vent). I tried my Garmin Nuvi 750 GPS in the mount as well, and even though that is a fairly large GPS, it fit perfectly; again not blocking the USB port or the on/off switch. Where I live it is still pretty cool in the morning, so I have not tried the vent mount, but it looks as though it should work pretty well. Windshield mount looks good. Vent mount looks flimsy.

It works well and holds on tight. My phone hasn't fallen a single time. I'm very happy with this kit after using it for the past three months. I used the vent adapter to mount my Samsung Focus in a 2003 New Beetle.

It seems pretty durable. Please note, though, that if you live in a cold weather area (like I do) the suction tends to not work as well if you leave it out in the cold. I know there is a HTC Evo dock designed for the HTC Evo but there are two problems with it, one it only works for the Evo itself and no other phones and two it will not work if your Evo has a case on it. I purchased this one, now I can leave my Otterbox defender case on and it will still fit in the mount, plus if someone else happens to be driving my car they can use the mount for their phone as well.

I use it with my phone as both a GPS and other times I use it to play my music. I am 100% satisfied with this mount. This one doesn't have the problem and I imagine it would work perfectly with any phone. The product is very flexible and the suction cup works great.

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By Gabriel Lee

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