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Is The Blackberry Bold Phone Just For Business People?

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the Blackberry bold 9780
In 1999, Research in Motion, the company which makes Blackberry smart phones, launched their first product a two way pager. Since then Blackberry has had many popular smart phones. One of the most popular is the New Bold. Learn both the positives and negatives associated with the New Bold in this review.

Many users of smart phones especially like the fact that they can search the internet the same way they can on a computer. But the thing about a smart phone is online surfing can be cumbersome to use. One of the advantages of the Blackberry 9780 is the Universal Search feature, which is available from the home page, and gives you fast results as soon as you begin searching.

If you have a Blackberry 9700, you'll be interested to know that the 9780 has doubled the RAM to 512MB. External memory enhancement gives you a whopping 32 gigs of more memory. If you take lots of photos or videos, or download music, these tasks can eat up memory very fast, so having more available space can make a big difference on a smart phone. It is really pretty simple, more memory means you can do more and faster. Your options and possibilities become instantly expanded with this type of external memory available.

BlackBerry Bold 9780 black and white
Worldwide ability to make calls via the 3G network makes the Bold 9780 exciting to use. So it really does not matter at all what you want to send or do; all you need is the a Wi-Fi to do it. Blackberries are compatible with T-Mobile's 3G network, which covers a very wide area, not only in the U.S. but all over the world.

There really is perhaps nothing else necessary in order to talk and communicate or go online with your smart phone. What you get with the New Blackberry is a lot of power in a very small phone. But if you want a highly functional smart phone, then the New Blackberry will surely deliver in that regard. All that we have come to expect in a quality smart phone can be found in this particular Blackberry.

One of the biggest things about cell phones is that you could acquire more than one. And several individuals seem to be choosing Sony Ericsson as their main mobile phone of choice. Talk with your local cell phone store to find out more.

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