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About The Blackberry Storm 9530 - What You Should Know ?

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The Blackberry Storm 9530
The Blackberry Storm 9530 is one of the latest smart phones to be released under the famous Blackberry brand. The touchscreen on this phone has the distinct quality of being "clickable," just one interesting feature of this model. If you want to find out if this Blackberry phone is the one for you, you'll find the following information helpful.

In 2008 the Storm cell phone was released and it was in fact the first smart phone released by the immensely popular Cell phone brand. The first users, however, made some complaints regarding the keyboard's performance, the speed of browsing the web and software bugs. A lot of these issues have been fixed with the release of the newest operating system, Cell phone 6. For example, the new start page setup has made web browsing a lot easier as you can do searches by entering your query into the single URL and search entry box. Any page that you've got in your bookmarks, or that you've visited before, will come up as a choice when you start entering a search term. So it's sort of like using a computer to browse the web with the new Cell phone system.

Design Blackberry Storm 9530
Blackberries are famous for a few reasons, and one of them is the multitude of apps that go with them, probably more than any other device (except maybe iPhones). There are apps of every imaginable description, and many of these can be downloaded for free, though some have a (usually small) cost. You can access a wide range of podcasts if you download the Cell phone Podcast app.

A major way of staying connected in this day is through social networks, which is why with a Cell phone smart phone it is very easy to log into them. You can get Facebook messages to your cell phone, you can update your status and even tell people where you are or see where they are with Facebook Places. Sending messages on Twitter is very easy to do with your Cell phone. You can even send messages on twitter as well as being able to tweet and re-tweet Having instant access to your social networking sites with a Cell phone Storm 9350 is just one thing, as you will also have full access to the sites.

The Blackberry Storm 9530 Keyboard
If you're looking for an up to date smart phone that has lots of features, you should be happy with the Storm cell phone. There are almost too many features to list, especially when you include the endless number of apps that work with Blackberries. Considering everything it has to offer, the Storm cell phone is a device even the most demanding gadget lovers will appreciate.

You would be amazed the number of amazing apps there are for your telephone nowadays. Some of the hottest apps are Symbian applications, and they can literally change your telephone. Seek advice from your neighborhood phone seller for more information.

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