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Apple AirPlay Will become One of the Top 10 Consumer Electronics

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Apple AirPlay - ZayTechno
According to iSuppli, Apple recently introduced various products and software, one of the most important release was almost ignored the outside world: the company's AirPlay audio playback system. The technology is expected to become one of 10 consumer electronics products.

In Apple's September 1 product conference, Jobs demonstrated the AirPlay, the system can wirelessly streaming audio, or Ethernet to transfer to a third party speaker dock, AV receivers and stereo equipment. AirPlay did not like Steve Jobs demonstrated the video from the ipad just a means of transport to the AppleTV, AirPlay across the entire audio industry.

To promote the AirPlay, Apple and American Connection technology and solutions provider to establish a cooperative relationship BridgeCo. BridgeCo platform design has been more and more partners and ODM support, can help AirPlay quickly into a variety of consumer electronics products. Apple's AirPlay partners include consumer electronics audio industry well-known manufacturers, such as the Dragon and the Bowers & Wilkins.

AirPlay is the rapid growth of Apple's leading position in connected home market competition is another effort. The technology uses Apple MP3/PMP player market dominance. With AirPlay, ipad, ipod, and iphone family can act as a music server, and send the music via iTunes.

As the IFA in Berlin this month, the consumer Electronics Show has shown, the audio network is growing momentum of development, both in the Sonos system into such a complete, or in the general equipment (such as support for DLNA and other open standard audio - video receiver) among all the case. In addition to the family music library, Internet radio also requires seamless access to the entire family in the audio.

But how do the main problem seems to be seamless, which is why in the case of consumer desire for music, home audio network development has not reached the expected level.

AirPlay may play an active role to solve the audio seamless connectivity has become one of 10 major consumer electronics, unit shipments and even rival TV.

Suppli forecasts that the global TV market in 2010 will be shipped over 230 million units.
Selburn that Apple in the consumer electronics market has created some spectacular miracle.

An example is the portable audio market. From tape or other removable media like CD Walkman products, the evolution to the Mp3 player, then when Apple introduced the ipod, Mp3 player, ushered in an explosive growth.

Why ipod would be so affected? Apple's unparalleled marketing tool is of course a factor. However, ipod design is simple and can be activated by a button iTunes, is undoubtedly a major factor in its success, this simple and attractive design can provide end to end solutions and consumer experience. Finally, of all ages and all skill levels of consumers, in fact, can be a hand-held digital players to access their stored music.

If Apple has also introduced wireless home audio networking products like ipod did, then the home audio market is likely to be similar rapid growth. This time, the transition of consumers from the docking station to the next phase: network audio client. When consumers do not search on the internet a variety of error codes and reset the firewall, you can enjoy music at home in every corner of the library and Internet radio, networked home audio market is likely to send a real strong sound.

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