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Android os 2.3 Platform Multimedia Innovations

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Android os 2.3 - ZayTechno
Android 2.3 comes with rich multimedia capabilities that may thrill both the common users as well as the Android developers. With features just like mixable audio effects, support regarding new media formats, access to be able to multiple cameras, the new media framework supplies a versatile multimedia experience. Android mobile applications can benefit from these new and advanced Android os 2.3 capabilities to give you a vivid multimedia ecosystem. Outsource Android development team can utilize these various features to improve the complete multimedia experience.
  • Audio mixing
Android 2.3 is full of a new audio effects API. Android developers can use this API to create vivacious audio tracks environments. Audio effects API enable developers to configure audio equalization, striper boost, headphone virtualization, etc.

Multiple audio effects may be mixed in a local track or may be applied across multiple tracks throughout the world.
  • New media formats support
Taking high-quality audio is feasible together with Android 2.3 platform by means of its support of AAC coding and AMR wideband encoding inside software. Further, support is in-built regarding VP8 open video compression file format and WebM open container file format. This support provided by Android os 2.3 is expected setting standards for high-definition video playback. WebM lets users to play videos on Sites like YouTube in the Android Browser.
Android os 2.3 Platform Multimedia Innovations

  • Usage of multiple cameras
Android os 2.3 comes with the upgraded Camera API allowing the Android developer usage of multiple cameras present on the particular Android device.

Android developers can easily query the Android 2.3 platform regarding how many cameras on the device and their specific characteristics and choose to open a distinct camera. This allows developers to work with available resources depending on requirements for instance using the back-facing camera with top quality resolution for taking high-quality photographs or while using the front-facing camera with lower top quality resolution for video conferencing. The particular front-facing camera too now can easily shoot and record videos.
  • Fresh media framework
This new mass media framework in Android 2.3 platform now replaces the particular Open Core whilst maintaining every one of the older codec/container support for coding and decoding. Some amount of support can be acquired for extra large display gadgets like tablets and TVs, elizabeth. g., if you have any Samsung Galaxy Tab, Android a couple of. 3 platform will let you make more usage of the extra large screen just how Google wants you to. The 2.3 platform supports video chat at the same time, although to use video talk on tablets, you need to put in extra software add-ons. Multitasking allows the users to perform simultaneous multimedia sessions such since sending mails, updating spreadsheets and also watching favorite videos.

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