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Discovering Blackberry

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There are a number of mobile phone manufacturers that invariably always come up whenever the issue of smartphones is raised in all the parts of the world. One such name is the BlackBerry. The BlackBerry phones are special smartphones that have been in circulation in the market for more than a decade. They essentially serve as a perfect example of what a Smartphone should look like and before the advent of Android technology in the later half of the past decade, the BlackBerry phones seemed to enjoy almost the largest share in the market for smartphones.

Like all other smartphones from the past decade, the BlackBerry phone was designed for use as a business phone. The BlackBerry business solutions supply a smarter way for work. Technological advancements along with the ever-changing customer need have led to an overhaul of the initial BlackBerry types. In this respect, the modern BlackBerry phones that are in circulation today are a far cry from the BlackBerry of old. While still retaining the business related features, the phones have been modified to include a large number of new BlackBerry software.

Blackberry Playbook
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In the more recent years, BlackBerry tablet PC has also made their mark felt in the communications industry. The BlackBerry Tablet OS is in many ways very similar to the operating systems of the BlackBerry phones. The operating system was developed by RIM specifically for use in the tablet pcs and it has proved to be one of the fastest operating systems available today in terms of the processing speeds, in line with other BlackBerry software. These speeds are further boosted up by the fact that the phones have got a large internal memory combined with a dedicated dual-core processor.

In the few months that the Blackberry Playbook tablets have been in circulation, the volume of sales that have been made have not really been commensurate to the hype and anticipation that greeted the launch of the tablets on April 19th. The slow sales are mostly due to the negative publicity that the tablets have been receiving especially from reviewers. Most of these reviewers love to compare the Blackberry Playbook tablets to the other tablets that have been in circulation for more than a year before its launch. In making such comparisons, the reviewers often fail to closely look at the strong points of these tablets. The result of the reviews is usually to push away prospective customers and hence the poor sales that have been reflected by the distributors of the gadgets all over the world.

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In making such comparisons, the reviewers often fail to closely look at the strong points of these tablets.

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