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Android Project Home - House Lights Control With Android

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House Lights Control With Android
Web search engine giant Google Inc, is more "penetrating" in an Internet world. The company has now developed an energy efficient LED bulb Google that you can turn on and off with an Android smartphone or an Android touchpad. Google bulb is proposed to save energy at least as much as possible. When the lighting control of your home is very convenient, you can instantly monitor and save energy, even slightly. Google worked with Lighting Science Group to achieve this amazing Android smartphone controllable LED lamp.

Google's intelligent bulb works with a computer chip that helps control the lighting in your home. Most Android smartphones from companies like Samsung, HTC, Acer, LG, Sony Ericsson, and others will be compatible with function. An application on your phone will help you control the beam. You simply can trigger or the buttons to control the lights in your room right now.

Sounds good?

Google The LED bulb is also equipped with GPS and proximity sensors. Automatically turns off the lights in your room when you enter and leave rooms. The function will save your time and energy and a fantastic way. Sparing even a second of energy can be saved with the technology. On the other hand, is an LED bulb that consumes less energy than CFLs.

Google LED bulb can substantially replace all other innovative methods controlling the bulb. You may remember Clapper 80. It was an amazing technology that you can simply control the lights and stereo in the flaps. But technology has failed because it matches your cough and your dog barking close your windows. Google's new LED bulb does not have such shortcomings, because it is manufactured using the latest technologies such as sensors and GPS.

In fact, Google LED bulb is part of this project Android @ Home, which is expected to bring more services under the control of Android smartphones and tablets. The project is also to provide a light, security light and a light switch in the near future. Google's decision to revolutionize the home automation is a clear indication of the plan of the web giant is not limited to Web services.

More home automation products are designed to get out of Google Labs in the coming months and years. Android Smartphone and tablets will eventually become the latest driver for many activities other than just incredible to make calls, surf the Internet and watching movies. Just be able to handle lightning, security, stereo and TVs in your home with your precious Android products. We can not wait for a world that Google is trying to accomplish in the coming years.

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