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Ecko Presents Headphone Zippers

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Headphone Zippers
Fashion has become a determining factor for the development of a product. this is becouse consumers are very admiring of a fashion product that has value.

The color is usually black headphones replaced with vibrant colors.

For example, Ecko, one of the manufacturers of accessories is preparing six new earbud headphones design. Next month, they will launch earbud headphones Zone, Chaos II, Stomp, Lace, Zip, and Chain whose prices range from U.S. $ 12.99 or up to U.S. $ 39.99.

The most interesting of these is the design style earbud headphones with Zip, aka zipper which combines a traditional zipper function in apparel design with headphones.

Quoted from Geeky Gadgets, September 12, 2011, Steve Kops, Vice Director of Sales Mizko, a division of Ecko explains, for the first time in the history of headphones, headphone fashion and function have a major influence product development.

The retailer, claims Steve, have new opportunities to market their merchandise headphones, which not only good quality, but also because of fashion.

The color is usually black headphones replaced with vibrant colors, especially the silhouette, and more superior than its predecessor.

Zip earbud headphones with Zipper function is available in red, gold, blue, white, pink, and purple. To get it provide pocket around U.S.
$ 20.22.

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