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Phones Will Have Ability to See-Through

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Two technologies are considered potentially creating the ability to penetrate the view.

illustrations of See-Through
illustrations of See-Through (
As a child, of the comic lovers are often thought of as Superman has the ability to have X-Ray vision. With this, you have the ability to see-through vision.

However, this capability could soon be done with the help of mobile phones. Currently, a new study conducted at the University of Texas, Dallas, United States, is developing a phone that is able to 'see' through walls.

Citing Mashable pages, a team led by Professor of Electrical Engineering, Dr. Kenneth O, it will utilize two technology advances to allow the creation of opaque-capable phones.

First, it is not used in the range of the electromagnetic spectrum. While the second is a new type of microchip for the consumer class.

As is known, the electromagnetic spectrum to characterize a number of wavelengths of energy and empower all the distance the light.

The research of Dr. O is using terahertz waves, which previously could not access most of the consumer's device. These waves lie between microwaves and infrared, and allows the device to do a 'penetration' penetrate objects such as the X-Ray.

When the signal in the terahertz wave is running out of phones, the wave will bounce back, that's when the microchip appeared. The chips are manufactured using CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor). This meripakan basis of the most widely used in existing devices. A sensor on the chip will then take the terahertz signal and the image is created.

If the terahertz signal can create an image with the lens a little more, this means less money is used for camera lenses and simpler. By using CMOS sensors, will allow less expensive.

"CMOS is affordable and can be used to make a lot of chips," said Dr. Kenneth O. "The combination of CMOS and terahertz means you can use the chip and the receiver (receiver) on the back of the phone, turning it into a pocket device that can see through objects," he said.

This technology is already commonly used. For example in health, for X-Ray tool. While the business could be used to detect counterfeit money.

You also do not have to worry about this technology would threaten the freedom of privacy. To prevent that, Dr. O and his team had to use the technology for a distance of up to four four-inch or 10.2 centimeters. (Eh)

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