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Android Market Malware Conceded Again

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Malware problem in Android Market more troubling. Risks of open source?

Malware Android Market
Malware Android Market (
Lookout Mobile Security, smartphone security company, found the four applications in the Android Market that contain malware. As written ZDNet, was the fourth application FallDown Quick, Scientific Calculator, Bubble Buster, and the Best Compass & Leveler. All four are output Mobnet developers. According to Lookout, this malware had appeared in the Android Market in a short time and could be downloaded.

Android is Linux-based malware attack should stand. Even conceding malware, this should not harm other applications. Malware attacks so make formal application is not trusted.

The amount of malware in the Android Market might be due to the principle of open source. Google is testing an application in advance. Yet this is detrimental. Because even though open source, Google should protect users.

Google diligently to get rid of malware. But for prevention, they should first examine an application, before getting into the Android Market. It is important to guarantee the quality, because if Google did not immediately address this problem, Android-risk people leave.

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