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Review of Samsung Galaxy S i9000

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Samsung Galaxy S i9000

Review of Samsung Galaxy S i9000 
  • Features of the Samsung Galaxy S i9000
I like to use it as an alarm clock. There is an alarm clock that will wake you up real gently from a sleep that you have, so that you don’t feel groggy in the morning. Most alarm clocks will have a standard ring. As soon as you wake up, you can get a daily briefing of the news for the day! You can also see your twitter feeds, and also any unread emails. I like to personally use it to check my stock forecasts, top headlines for the day, my calender and schedule. This is much faster than turning on a computer to have to see all that information! All your apps will be auto-synced and organized into a very portable application!

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Their dock screen is pretty cool. You can store up to seven widgets on the home screen. Simply just tap the empty spaces to make space, and then tap an app or folder to drag it onto the space. Also since this phone is powered by Google Voice Search, you can easily talk into it, and search on the web!
  • Texting and email on the Samsung Galaxy S i9000
They use a special app called the TouchWiz 3.0. It’s pretty cool since it will combine all the different email accounts that you have! It comes with colored labels so that you don’t get confused between all the different mailboxes that you have. It’s very easy to attach attachments – something that you can’t do with the iPhone. To call someone you can easily swipe to the left or right of their contact to call them or text them. This is one of the convenient feature that makes me feel like the phone is very interactive.

  • Samsung Galaxy S i9000 camera specs
I love the 720p video and the high resolution images. There are so many features of the camera that I like to use and the video quality is amazing. I’ve been using it while filming my kids at the race track and we get to play it back in high def! If you want to capture memories, you will love this a lot!

  • Samsung Galaxy S i9000 screen in the sunlight
Since it uses an AMOLED screen, it doesn’t have that horrible glare that some phones will have when we place it in the sunlight. The display is really sharp – you can see every single detail without having to strain your eyes. All the images are a lot brighter in quality and better.

  • Samsung Galaxy S i9000 app store
There are a lot of applications to use and download! It would be beter if they had an easy way to group the applications. I will keep looking into it.

  • Samsung Galaxy S i9000 price
Many people will tell you – yes! At just $442.65, for an unlocked phone, you can use it without any cellular services without a problem. You can use it with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Tmobile without any down time or issues.

The Samsung Galaxy S i9000 Ice Cream Sandwich Update

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