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Draw Something Android Game by OMGPOP

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Draw Something by OMGPOP

Draw something is a new Android and iPhone game by OMGPOP. The game itself is basically Mr Squiggle, which puts 2 people together as they draw their own and guess the words from their partner’s picture to earn coins and build a streak. The words are chosen from a huge pool with 3 difficulties. Each difficulty in Draw Something is worth a different amount of coins, 1 for easy, 2 for medium and 3 for hard. Using these coins, players can purchase more bombs. Bombs are an interesting game mechanic that allows the user to “destroy” a few letters from their pool to thin the pool and essentially make it easier on themselves to guess their partner’s image. You start with 5 of these bombs in Draw Something, but can purchase more, starting at the quite hefty price of 400coins, earned through playing rounds of Draw Something.

Draw Something is a very fun game and will offer you a playtime and replay ability. It is limited though. Draw Something is limited to 2 players. This is a drawback as you aren’t really competing with anyone so competitive people may be at a loss with Draw Something. The drawing tools are quite basic, given 4 colours and 4 brush sizes. But they do the job well enough. People with a stylus are definitely at an advantage with Draw Something, as sometimes I found my finger to get in the way or it doesn’t draw in the way I wanted. You WILL have fun with this game, especially connecting through facebook and playing with your friends rather than the alternative random draw.

One problem is that their pool of words needs to be re-categorized. Sometimes you will come across a word in the easy category that is clearly something difficult or too vague to guess easily. But this is aviodable by wasting a precious bomb or by choosing an alternative word. The game is fun and will keep you interested if you play with friends. I found it a bit lackluster during random play, but after connecting with friends, the quality and fun increased dramatically. If only they had an offline, pass the phone style of gameplay. So with a tablet you could use it as a board and play a game in house of Draw Something. There is a free version made available by OMGPOP, so you have nothing to lose if you do download it. Although it does have ads. The paid version is only 99c from the Android app store, as well as, I presume, iTunes.

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