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Wonderful Product, Love It - Cell Phone Cup Holder Mount Critique

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But it got really bad any time I hit a bump. I would say bumps would make it shake sideways as much as a full centimeter.

I read a review on here before I bought that the suction cup doesn't stay at all. Whoever wrote that review is straight up inept. And the best part is that it EASILY fits my Otterbox case. Very hard to find clips that do, so I'd practically give it 5 stars just for that The vent mount attachment works but is a bit wobbly and the vent bounces up on bumps. This thing is not cheaply made. It IS well put together. Then the plastic gears stripped their teeth and the unit would no longer hold my phone tightly. I bought this for my desk as my cell is my only phone and when I'm working, I make a lot of calls. I use the suction cup on my desk next to my keyboard and it keeps my phone steady, accessible, visible, and makes my life better.

A quick and easy solution was to add a small piece of rubber tubing to each plastic clip. The vent mount is now rock solid, like the windshield mount.

I just slip the phone in, then right back out again when I have arrived at my destination. I use the GPS map feature on my phone a lot too, and this positions it perfectly for that (previously I balanced my phone on my knee which was quite far from ideal).

This fit perfectly in my car the dock stays perfectly connected too my dashboard and windshield and it moves around so I can turn my iPhone in any direction. It is especially good for you to use it as a GPS holder. I have always used it with the vent in my car and it holds my phone perfectly well. I can see how some people complain that the mount is not THAT secure when used with the air vents but for my car, it is not so bad.

The holder is pretty secure, but I don't know if I would trust it in landscape mode. No problems with the charger adapter which goes into the bottom of my Nexus One. The vent mount is the only weakness in the product as the two provided clips, which are adjustable laterally to fit most vents, are not tight enough to hold the mount stationary.

I highly recommend this product, but just try to make sure your car model can use all of the attachments if you want the full experience. Rarely do you find a product with an innovative yet simple design. It's a little tricky to tighten the ball joint. It can be difficult to attach to a vent.

My only gripe with this is the ratcheting mechanism - it feels like it could easily break if the release button isn't pressed straight in. There was one instance where I stored it in the glove box and accidentally closed it too quickly.

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By Alexis Garcia

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