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The Benefits Of Dual SIM Phones

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There are many advantages of the dual SIM phone. They allow you to manage two phone numbers such as your work phone number and your home phone number a single cell phone so that you don't need two handsets. This tends to prevent an overload of communications. This overload has gotten so bad that many people these days prefer to text, which is considered safer by many people, rather than making or receiving phone calls. You can also separate your callers on these dual SIM call phones. The WIKI mini dual cell phone also has a call blocking feature which is particularly useful in blocking phone calls from bothersome or unwanted callers or bothering you with unknown or private phone calls. The SIM 2 can block and reject those unknown or private phone calls.

In addition, with the dual SIM phone you also have the option and convenience of permitting you to toggle freely toggle between cell phone service providers so that you can use the least expensive and best voice plan anytime. Also, all that you have to do is buy a local SIM card and insert it into the second SIM slot and you won't be shackled with roaming charges when you travel abroad and can enjoy inexpensive communication while you are visiting a foreign country. There will be no break in your communications from home if you keep your home SIM card in and you will be able to reach the people that need to reach when you are overseas.

Another advantage of the dual SIM phone is that you can also use the dual SIM phone to run your private calls and your office calls on two separate SIMs as well as run all of your virtual office applications.

These days, there is a need for people to separate their business and work phone number from their social numbers. They need their social phone numbers for the social networking contacts and acquaintances and their business phone number for business their office, and their work related calls.

With all of these advantages of the dual SIM cell phones, it is difficult to imagine how the people who use single SIM cell phones manage to get anything done.

If you have to use a single SIM call phone, you need to go with something like the Blackberry or the palm since they will provide you with a complete enterprise solution. There is no other reason for using a single SIM cell phone these days.

The service providers for worldwide cell phone networks won't provide with a dual SIM cell phone. They are more interested in plans, and locked in contracts and dual SIM phones don't provide them with that kind of control.


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