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I Guess Its Really Worth The Cash - Handlebar Cell Phone Mount Review

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It wouldn't work in my car at all. Finally, the mount holds your phone by gripping the left and right sides of the device. I like the possibility of having a phone mount on my vent b/c it keeps my line of sight clear, the phone closer to me, and keeps the phone cool. I have a Samsung galaxy and it fits great and I am able to charge at the same time. It works great for me now; however I am a bit worried if this will last. It would be better if this was mechanical with some sort of manual tightening mechanism instead of being spring loaded. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because the vent clip mount (which I was using while waiting for the suction cup) is not that great. It connects, but it's very wobbly.

What else could one ask for" This cell phone holder works great for my Droid X. Overall this is a really great product for the price. The product does everything it advertises for the price that fits.

If it works just great for this phone with the Otterbox, it will work for any phone. I have it on the windshield and haven't had any problems at all, great product! Can turn phone to landscape view by just turning while in the mount. It doesn't bounce too much while driving. The vent mount worked perfectly in my Honda Odyssey. My iPhone fit perfectly.

The Arkon Universal mount is just the ticket. I pack this in my bag when I travel and quickly attach it to the windshield of my rental car -- no muss no fuss. This fit perfectly in my car the dock stays perfectly connected too my dashboard and windshield and it moves around so I can turn my iPhone in any direction. It is especially good for you to use it as a GPS holder. I would not use the dashboard mount as I'm concerned about what the adhesive might do. Otherwise, the grips are padded so your phone is safe and secure. So, thumbs up for the safety aspect. I picked up one for my Droid X.

It is also easy to put the iPhone on it and remove it. I like the two "legs" on which I can support the iPhone (in vertical mode). Inserting and removing the phone is very easy, which is important since you'll be doing that quite often! It's very simple to install, though be aware that there's only one windshield adhesive so you can't use the windshield mount in more than one car.

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