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Exceeds Anticipations - Phone Mount For Motorcycle Critique

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I remedied this by adjusting the joint so that the phone is already as far down as it can go and aimed at me. Doing that limits the places I can aim the phone, but I don't typically adjust it while driving so it's not that big of a deal. I spent a long time keeping my phone on my lap to watch traffic - this is a nice way to solve that problem. There are a number of ways of mounting, I used the windshield mount. That's my only real gripe about it and not a deal breaker by any means. Another thing I like about this is that the ball socket joint allows you to use the phone in either portrait or landscape mode which is nice.

Next tried to suction to the adhesive mount and it worked perfectly. Gave me the flexibility to put it wherever I wanted (that's what she said). Despite its poor design, it does function properly as a mount with my Samsung Galaxy S 4G. I clipped this onto my vent and am surprised at how well it works. I was impressed with the quality of the Windshield mount and was happy to see how snug my phone fit. The adjustable arms were such a great idea.

I read a review on here before I bought that the suction cup doesn't stay at all. Whoever wrote that review is straight up inept. The vent mount works with my 06 Accord. I needed a car mount for my Samsung Captivate, and I found this product via the XDA forums.

Even with bumper and cases on it. I can see this working for many other devices too.

I use this for a nexus s phone in a 2009 Honda fit. I stuck the adhesive disk on the dash and use the suction mount on the disk.

It works great for me now; however I am a bit worried if this will last. It would be better if this was mechanical with some sort of manual tightening mechanism instead of being spring loaded. As a result I did not feel comfortable using it for my phone. The suction cup mount works perfectly and has two adjustment points that can be tightened up so your phone position will not move. As soon as it arrived I mounted it to my heater vent and took it for a test drive. I am amazed at how well it holds my Droid Incredible 2 while bouncing down our local dirt roads filled with pot holes and recommend to anyone in need of an easy to use mount especially if you use your phone as a GPS unit. It fits Sprint HTC EVO & HERO in addition to most GPSs. The windshield mount works great in my husband's van. I was skeptical when I ordered this windshield mount, even though it has gotten positive reviews. I've paid more than that at a mall for a mount that rattled when I drove and fell apart when I touched it the wrong way.

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