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Universe Nexus already rooted before launch

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Universe Nexus already rooted before launch - Coders post Superboot ROM with regard to Galaxy Nexus early.
Samsung Galaxy Nexus-rooted
Although the phone itself isn't due to reach for roughly two weeks or more, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was already cracked to give users root-level access. Superboot, from MoDaCo creator Paul, takes advantage of the option to load an alternate boot image to root the phone the moment it's loaded. Unlike some firmware, it's non-destructive and lets users keep any personal content in addition to revert to the factory firmware if needed.

The root is recognized as insecure but non-permanent, flipping back to locked after the following device reboot. Its strategy still lets users permanently modify signal or install unsanctioned apps while bringing back security afterwards.

Installing Superboot about the carrier-independent versions involves a relatively straightforward command-line action while the telephone is in bootloader mode, since Google as always makes sure Nexus phones' bootloaders stay unlocked. The Verizon model and other people on contract, however, will need an extra though simple bootloader unlock to obtain control over the phone.

The Galaxy Nexus should be obtainable in mid-to-late November in at least North America and Europe.

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