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Sprint HTC EVO Review by Tao Wireless

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HTC EVO Review
A new study here at Tao Wireless says, there are more cellphones in america than people. With all the ever growing popularity and fascination of cell phones, larger numbers of people rely on them. The causes cell phone companies to compete for bragging rights. Modern-day trend would be the 3D technology with no 3D glasses. The earliest phone to come out using this type of technology is Sprints HTC EVO 3d. Today we can review this awesome mobile phone and look at its specs.

The HTC EVO 3d for Sprint is America's first 4G Smartphone by using a very distinctive 4. 3" 3d qHD display that lets users to capture, record, and playback in 3D - without 3d glasses! With the most modern edition of the acclaimed HTC Sense experience for your visitors and coupled with
Android 2.3 "Gingerbread", HTC EVO 3D is ideal for users who want to both stream video and generate their own personal video experience to record life's moments, view them in 3d, and share them easily. Users can easily download movies, create user-generated content, and receive a Flash-enabled web browsing experience making use of speed of a typical 3G/4G network as well as the power of the 1. 2GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

This dual-core processor will never be the same fastest available on the market, but certainly no slouch. The apps do load very quickly and without fuss. HTC EVO 3d takes full advantage of Sprint's powerful 4G network and offers the innovation one would expect since the next benchmark device in the prestigious EVO legendary devices. It will appear as if a standard HTC Smartphone that came from the front, but turn it on its side and you'll see that's it's chunkier than most at 126 x 65. 4 x 11mm and weighing in with a heavyweight 170g. All four standard Android buttons are present and proper under the screen, while on the edges there are a microUSB power/sync slot, volume rocker, a significant camera shutter button and also a switch for flicking between 2D and 3D modes. There's a power/sleep button and 3. 5mm headphone jack number one in the twin camera lenses needed for stereoscopic pictures and two LED flashlights across the back. Additionally it uses the latest version of HTC's Sense gui, and that is an intuitive pleasure to work with.

Glasses-free 3d

This brings us nicely towards the 3D section of the phone. You don't want need glasses, and right, it certainly works, which has a surprisingly enticing depth of field, though the pixel quality drops a lttle bit when viewing 3D images. Your eyes may begin to cross before too long, but it's certainly an exciting party piece once your showing off your pictures clip taken with the stereoscopic cameras -- though you've got to view it straight on, and this doesn't take much of an angle to shed its effect. Features at the five-megapixel camera include auto focus, face detection and also a widescreen option.

HTC EVO Review by Tao Wireless
Standard 2D picture quality is okay. As the switch on the side lets you flick quickly between 2d and 3d, it won't permit you to take portrait shots in 3D -- in case you try; you ll receive a message letting you know to turn a virtual phone around. Most dual-core handsets offer 1080p full HD recording lately, still the Evo 3d adheres to 720p HD -- not quite so great, but actually not bad. There's also a 1. 3MP camera on your front for video calls. It's actually all right having a 3D phone, but HTC hasn't invested much in 3D content with it to date. There's no dedicated media portal, nevertheless you can download some 3D games direct from Gameloft's website and discover several 3d movie trailers on YouTube and also some so-so 3d games on your Android Market.

There's 1GB of memory storage on-board, even though you will increase up to 32GB via microSD card. However the battery the world is quite shockingly bad if you choose to make any utilization of the 3d, falling noticeably in need of the full day's use you might expect. You will find it good that you switch the 3D off when you are able.

ConclusionThe HTC Evo 3d has good distinctive features. Since it's new with new technology, it may cost over $400. 00 only when you travel to a few of the free cell phones websites like Tao Wireless or Wirefly. You will get it for under $200. 00 saving you a large chunk of money.

Just remember: if you're buying this model as part of a lengthy contract, you're stayed with that 3D effect long after the novelty could possibly have worn off.

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