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Android, occupy Wall Street

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Android, Wall Street Deal 

Could this really happen?

What if a race of android were created to give humanity a way to survive in desperate need? Android get in shape society in their saving power. In the early prototype androids would probably be weak and senile, and have limited computing power. But with the work of developers, they become strong cyber-beings with powerful computers and intuitive software application. Once they were ready with Android could become a valuable demographic group in society. That would have the effect, especially with the example, but if given enough political weight, which could tip the balance against financial crises and environmental disasters.

Make sure they occupy Wall Street and European banks too for that matter. Imagine the special prosecutor, Fitzgerald, for example, armed with android assistants, education and fixing the financial system in America. High concentrations of wealth and institutions "too big to fail" and could be reconfigured to be more diverse and safer group of institutions, which would be a defect in a self-correcting others. And such an error would reduce not the world's financial system, as we saw in 2008. And such a bank can be rescued by others, with financial reserves from all, or, if necessary, be allowed to fail.

The right to fail is a precious gift for the people because it led to all kinds of progress, change and progress. Even football coaches talk about teachable moments, and we hope they are not playing to lose.

The wealth could be better invested in small businesses and the American people, because the middle class is too big to fail. And if the 'droids, bankers, and 99% called the Legislative Assembly and the laws of fashion to solve our economic problems, to restore America's leadership, the Bill of Rights restored to its former high position? In fact, we'd all be more comfortable result.

If the term Android was usually enough, all this would be an option. How long would it be allowed to go on even before an internal audit would be to put an end to all this? Such a glitch if freedom Android would not be allowed to go on too long. Wow, they had "droids go to town, perhaps an upgrade would not matter. And if we managed without having to use the droids?

How long could such profound changes to the system last? The Chinese say: "Wealth can only last for three generations." And they know that this is true of bitter experience.

Hopefully that 99% is still a peace movement, and that change occurs by consensus and the best attitude. Helping people build a good foundation, and investing in wealth in a positive way, has a lot of joy, a few rich people came to experience. Indeed, the middle class, which is outside the New Deal, authorized persons and families to become very rich. So do not worry.

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