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Steve Jobs Gets Google Recognition

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Google Chairman: Steve Jobs, the chief of the best companies in the period of 50-100 years.

Google and Apple are the two giants are hard to compete with each other on the market. However, if Apple founder Steve Jobs returned from the reins of leadership as CEO of Apple, Google Chairman Eric Schmidt not hesitate to praise it. 

"Steve Jobs can be regarded as the best CEO in the next 50 or 100 years," Schmidt said in an interview at a technology conference, as quoted by the BBC. 

In addition, said Schmidt, who recently took his position as CEO of Google, that jobs should be commended, because he managed to build Apple into a strong company.
Schmidt put jobs on a major U.S. industry figures such as John D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford's auto manufacturers.

Jobs resigned as Apple's CEO on 24 August last, for health reasons. Now, as chairman of Jobs at Apple. 

Appe jobs first founded with Steve Wozniak in 1970. Apple later evolved into a company in the computer, it should be committed. But in 1985, 

Jobs of Apple board member ousted. He withdrew.
Jobs then turned by Apple in 1997. Since then, Apple has several models of iMac computers, 

introduced the iPod music player, iPhone mobile phone and iPad tablet PC. 

Apple's innovation was then not only profitable for Apple. Therefore helped other hardware providers and the profits from the sale of similar products to enjoy following the trend of Apple.

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