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Steve Jobs: Adobe Flash Does Not Require

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Jobs repeatedly emphasized that the Flash technology is not open, but proprietary.

After blocking of Flash technology on different sides iPad tablet PCs, including founder and CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, criticized the word. 

Through a written statement on the Apple website, Steve Jobs explains why he does not let technology get Flash working on its products, emphasizing that the Flash technology is no longer needed. 

Jobs repeatedly emphasized that the Flash technology is not open, but proprietary technologies. "Although the iPhone operating system, iPod and iPad is proprietary, we are very confident that all standards relating to the site to be open," said Jobs. 

Instead of using Flash, more jobs, Apple would prefer that technologies to be adopted in all the open standards: HTML 5, CSS and Java Script. 

without flash

According to Jobs Flash is also very draining batteries of mobile devices. When you play the H.264 video format, the iPhone up to 10 hours. In the meantime, keep on playing flash video format, the iPhone only 5 hours. 

Flash also have addressed issues of reliability and safety. Jobs cited the results of the computer security firm Symantec has recently baptized as a Flash application that has the worst safety regulations in 2009. 

"We also knew that Flash is the leading cause of why Mac computers will crash. We do not want to reliability and security of the iPhone, iPod and iPad by reducing the flash technology," said Jobs. 

Not only that Jobs also said that Flash is not for computers that are designed to interface multisentuhan finger. Flash is designed for use on a computer mouse. Why Flash sites rely on features such as "rollover". 

Most importantly, Jobs said, Apple does not want any third party providing a layer of software between different platforms, combined with Apple's developer. Because in his view it would hinder the development platform. 

Number of developers showing their content on mobile devices from Apple, Flash is no longer necessary to watch a video or any offer to consume Web content. "In the future, perhaps Adobe should be better targeted to a good tool, HTML5, rather than taking to criticize Apple," Jobs said.

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