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iPad News Apple Relese March 2

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iPad News Apple Relese March 2 - Apple Inc is expected to release their apple new iPad on March 2. This is in contrast with the reported delay in the release of the latest version of the popular computer tablet.

iPad News Apple Relese March 2
iPad News Apple Relese March 2 (apple)
One source familiar with the matter said the speculation was recently declared the latest version of this tablet delay until June is not true. The reason, Apple plans to launch a tablet on the same schedule as the first iPad release, which in April 2010.

According to reliable sources, Apple will hold an event on March 2 and at that moment, the company is expected to introduce apple new models iPad. The Apple declined to comment on the subject.

Apple shares fell 3% after the brokerage firm in Taiwan say an advanced version iPad tablet computer would be delayed because the manufacturer Hon Hai deal with congestion-related production of apple news designs the iPad.

However, analysts quickly dismissed that notion. They stressed that Apple is very consistent with its release schedule. iPad to be the hottest product in 2010 and had sold 15 million units in that year.

Thanks to the iPad, by Apple rivalry began to make a similar device. As quoted by Reuters, in 2011 is expected to more than 50 million tablets were sold, and Apple will dominate it. [mor]

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