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Sony Ericsson Now Wholly Owned Sony

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Although not yet had a major influence, the new Android products they managed to attract attention.
Sony Ericssons Office
Sony Ericssons Office (
Sony has confirmed that they will buy 50 percent stake in the company Ericsson Sony Ericsson joint venture with a value of U.S. $ 1.5 billion or about Rp13, 2 trillion.

The joint venture between Sony and Ericsson that was founded October 1, 2001 is one of the mobile phone manufacturers are simply merged in the beginning.

However, they then have difficulty adapting to the trends in the market and sales declined over the last 5 years from the figure 103 million mobile phone units sold in 2007 to just 43 million units last year.

"This is the beginning of something very exciting," said Howard Stringer, Sony Chairman, as quoted by Reuters, October 28, 2011. "We will be able to quickly offer more choice for users of smartphones, laptops, tablets, and television and get them connected to each other in the world of online entertainment," he said.

Sony Office
Sony Office (
As is known, until recently, tablet PCs made by Sony, game consoles and other consumer electronic devices have been separated from the phones made and sold by Sony Ericsson.

License Rights
In addition to acquiring ownership of Ericsson, Sony will also get the rights to intellectual property licensing company. This allows them to use a patent owned by a joint venture company in the field of wireless communications that will benefit them prouk tablet.

Though Sony Ericsson did not have great strength in the smartphone market, but products based on their latest Android recently attracted attention. According to some, with additional investment and a greater involvement of Sony, is considered to be a positive impact on the company.

The process of acquisition of ownership of Sony Ericsson in Sony Ericsson is expected to be completed in early 2012. Interestingly, the announcement was made just came a day after Nokia handsets deliver their first Windows Phone. (Ren)

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