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New iPhone will be Made of Liquid Metal

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Analysts estimated that the new iPhone will be available in October in this year. They also predicted that the phone body is touted 4G-capable designs will be undergoing renovation.

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The latest report was circulated warm, focus on discussing the material to be used on phones that Apple has redesigned it. Computerworld tech site claims Apple will use exotic metal called Liquid Metal.

This prediction is quite reasonable, given Apple's willing to spend USD 30 million to acquire rights to use LiquidMetal in 2010 ago. Moreover, previously also rumors that the material will be used on mobile phones.

Liquid Metal as reported by Computerworld, Friday (04/20/2012) is a mixture of a metallic material which allows the phone more durable, with the outward appearance looks like a clear liquid or water.

These lightweight plastic material such as aluminum, but tough. With LiquidMetal, the phone is very light and super slim look.

Liquid Metal CEO Tom Steipp previously announced, they began shipping their first commercial product in December last year.

"We are very excited to present this material to use devices that are lighter, stronger, and corrosion resistance for consumers," he said.

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