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Latest Apple Rumor listening

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Latest Apple Rumor
Latest Apple Rumor (

The heat of the rumors, it turns out not only with celebrities only. Technology issues were rampant going. One of them is Apple, which now appears to the topic at the tablet and the screen size of smart phones.

Currently, Apple is working on a new iPad with a smaller screen. The rumoristas own claims, the new generation iPhone will have a bigger screen.

Let's start with the iPad. One technology writer claimed, had seen prototypes of this new iPad. While media reports from South Korea, China and Taiwan said, Apple has ordered the Samsung screen with 7.86-inch diagonal sizes.

That is, it will be a 'mini iPad' whose size is much smaller than the current models in which the New iPad has a 9.7 inch screen size. Looking at the current sales of iPad is already enough to make the heads of the analysts bergeleng but why Apple wants to make the screen smaller?

While there is no competitor managed to sell the iPad tablet in screen size with success, some other tablets are smaller and less expensive like the Amazon Kindle Fire became the most prominent tablet.

Tablet from Amazon itself has attracted buyers like some other Android tablet. iPad itself has a size a little big to put into bags and pockets of course to normal size. Therefore, the idea of ​​making smaller and slimmer iPad appear.

However, the iPad with smaller screens will bring to the world of smartphones, which has the larger screen size, said Jim Algar of United Press International. This brings us to the rumor as Apple, the sequel to the iPhone.

The new gadget is not using a 3.5-inch screen like the iPhone that existed at the time but using a larger screen where speculation is stated, the new iPhone will use a 4 inch screen.

Where smartphone screen size seems to be a trend, from an average of 3.2 inches or 3.5 inches to 4.7 inches will, Apple should increase the size of the screen or printed mired in a period of smartphone design 'retro,' he said.

Call it the Samsung Galaxy Note, 5.3-inch screen of this gadget makes it gets a new name, namely phablet. As is known, there is a barrier to Apple if the company wants to compete with Android gadget that has the greater.

On the other hand, the existing Apple applications should receive attention. Most applications are designed Android could fit into many different screen sizes, similar to web site pages that can perform well in any size computer screen.

Apple is known for IOS application is designed for 3.5-inch screen. If Apple wants to increase the screen size and / or resolution, the developers have faced a problem to create two versions of their applications to be run continuously in the original screen and bigger.

Unfortunately, Apple, as usual, always refused to comment. So, the news of this kind will not be confirmed, until Apple launched its products. Rumors about iPhone iPad smaller or larger would be uncovered, when Apple is ready to announce it. [Ast]

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