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Facebook Makes the Search Engines? Compete wWth Google

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Facebook called is increasing its search engine capabilities. About 24 technicians Facebook search engine is to reform the system searches social networking giant is.

Facebook Search Engine
illustrations of Facebook Search Engine (
Interestingly, the team led by Lars Rasmussen, the former manager of Google engineers. As reported by Bloomberg Business Week, Facebook allegedly was making a search engine to rival Google's search engine.

Steps taken this up like a reaction to the presence of social networks that made Google, the Google +. For social networks, can be called up was the king. When Google entered the realm of that too, then Facebook would want to go into business they work at Google, the search engine.

During this search engine just released Facebook search results that are within the social network Facebook. After repair, the search engine will be issued up search results from outside of Facebook, especially if the user had to open the website.

Increased ability of search engines is expected to make up more attractive to users, advertisers, and investors.

"Search, has a strong functional, but still lack the Facebook interface," said Rebecca Lieb, media analyst Alitmeter Group Digital Advertising. "It's something that not only has benefits for the ads, but also will appeal to users," he added.

Lieb added that the opportunity to insert ads influenced by the social graph made by Google with Search Plus program Your World. Facebook could do better, but more complex, he said.

"Information must be sorted in real time, and include spacious. It is indeed not be easy, but it would be more profitable," said Lieb.

This search engine improvements, according to Lieb, will spend a long time. However, he believes Facebook will announce if it has been completed. Lieb believes this is because the business potential of search engines will generate a substantial income.

As of this writing, Facebook has not responded regarding the Lieb claim.

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