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1 million Kindle Sold Every Week In December

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Kindle Fire Android Tab
Kindle Fire Android Tab (Reuters/Shannon Stapleton)

Tablet becomes the mainstay of Kindle Fire best-selling in the last Christmas holidays.

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Amazon officially declared to have sold over a million Kindle devices every weekend in December 2011. The tablet Kindle Fire became the biggest-selling device among other Kindle devices, as well as a whole.

Since its launch widely to the world through over 13 weeks ago, Kindle Fire has become the "number one best selling product". Kindle Fire also became the most desirable products to be used as gifts at Christmas.

Amazon also said sales of the books (ebook) Kindle has increased 175 percent in a period of 25 November until Christmas 2011, compared to last year.

On its website, Amazon has determined that the Kindle is the best selling products in the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. Not only that, the consumer buying frenzy of digital media content, including the ebook, video and other digital content.

Although the sales success of the Kindle and digital content over the final quarter, analysts and financial companies have warned the Amazon may be dropped in the last quarter of 2011.

A Goldman Sachs analyst, Heather Bellini, said that Amazon's revenue may be up 38 percent from the previous year to reach U.S.% 17.9, publishing. But this number is expected to remain less than U.S. $ 18.2 billion.

While the analysis of Colin Sebastian of San Francisco estimates that Amazon will sell 5 million to 6 million Kindle Fire up last quarter of 2011.

Despite the brave Amazon Kindle Fire loss by selling at a cheaper price than the price of production, but the Amazon is estimated to take advantage of content that is sold, such as ebook, video and other digital content.

Amazon claims its shares slumped 3.4 percent overall this year. Until December 30, 2011, shares of Amazon declined slightly to U.S. $ 173.44 in New York. Fudzilla

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